Services – Professional Copywriting and More

On this page, I’ll list some of the services I offer. Click on each to be taken to a page discussing that particular subject or type of writing. I even have a page for things I don’t do.


Copywriting Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of questions prospective clients have, and this page will answer them. I have info on ballpark rates, timeframes, what types of writing I do, what you can expect, and more.

Website Copywriting / Digital Marketing

The web is hyper-competitive. And your web copy, SEO, e-mail, and content marketing are the difference between a website or landing page that drives business, and one that sits there and does nothing. Let’s make yours work.

Corporate Writing / Tech Writing

Ugh, sooo many companies blow it by saying the wrong thing, either to the world or to their employees. Or they make a great product (or upgrade to an awesome CRM), then ruin it by having confusing instructions or processes. I’ll fix that, and make sure everyone clearly understands everything.

Letter Writing

If you need a great letter, look no further. From business communication to personal statements for college and immigration, I write exceptional letters for all manner of high-leverage situations. Count on me to get the message across clearly and convincingly.

Work I Don't Do

While I’m telling you all the wonderful things I do, I feel it’s useful to have a page of things I DON’T do. Let’s have a little good-natured, sarcastic fun with this too.

A Final Word on Services.

Listing specific writing services is somewhat expected on a site like mine, but it’s not the best marketing.

That’s because companies (like mine) that offer many services to many industries can’t possibly list everything they do. So if they list several things, it can have a detrimental effect, because people will always subconsciously assume you don’t do what you don’t list.

For example, if you sell and service heavy equipment, and you have pictures of backhoes and dump trucks, but no bucket trucks,  people will subconsciously assume you don’t work with bucket trucks, even if you do.

Of course this doesn’t mean some of them won’t contact you and ask about it anyway. Some certainly will. But some won’t too. It’s human nature.

That can be taken to silly extremes, of course. Someone coming here looking for a paragraph for a new soup they are launching next month will automatically think I don’t write copy for cans of soup.

But if I say “I write for soup”, then what about the turnips? Or the beets? Or the squash? My late grandmother would be mortified if I left those out. Which brings up another issue – I don’t even like any of those things (sorry Nana!) So yea, let’s not go there.

Even though I said it’s not great marketing, there is an upside for me – I’m a writer on a writing website, so I can explain this to you on this page. And I probably made you smile because I mentioned my Nana, while also getting a solid marketing tip in. So there’s that.

Anyway, as long as it’s not listed on my “work I don’t do” page, I probably do it.