Ok, here’s what I do (in big letters):

“I provide high-value writing and marketing for successful companies anywhere in the world.”


That’s a fairly strong statement, isn’t it? Let’s go over it a piece at a time:


I provide high-value

The work I do for clients is important. It drives revenue, it’s their image, it needs to be clear, etc.


I’m a versatile, professional copywriter who can handle almost any type of business writing you need. Direct response copywriting, brand building, and even internal communication and tech writing. Long, short, persuasive – whatever you need.

This means I can write your web copy, sales e-mails, an important letter or memo, phone scripts, enhance your SEO efforts, and just about anything else you can think of. Whether it’s B2B, B2C, or B2E, I’ll make sure what you need does the job.

and marketing

I’m quite creative, and have an excellent big-picture marketing sense. I usually incorporate some of this into my writing naturally, but for certain clients I go a lot further and assist with them on direction, branding, sales strategies, product/service marketing, communications, etc.

Company presidents and marketing executives value my opinion and trust my judgement, and some even call me their secret weapon. That’s a cool way to be thought of.


for successful companies

Most of my work is for companies who have between 5 and 150 employees. But I also work for some solopreneurs, and I’ve had a few clients with hundreds of locations and thousands of people.

The key word here is successful. I don’t care how large or small you are – I just want you to really value what you do. I usually work directly with owners/presidents, or the marketing head.

Most of my clients are already profitable, and have a success mindset. They are not looking for the copywriter working for beer money (although I do like beer!) My clients are looking for someone they can work with and trust. Someone with ideas, and who makes their company look and read better. And in almost all cases, I make these clients a profit.


anywhere in the world.

Pretty self explanatory. I live in North Carolina (by way of NY), and while most of my clients are US-based, I have clients across the globe. There are a surprising number of non-US companies that want clear, engaging US-style English on their websites and sales materials. And I’ve done the Zoom at 10pm thing because of a 13-hour time difference. No problem.

So yea, if you’re in the US, definitely get in touch. But if you’re in Singapore, Scotland, the UAE, or anywhere else outside the US, I’m available for you too. I’m good at understanding what you want, and I am also quite patient – we’ll get along just fine.