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Good writing is memorable, persuasive, and gets the job done. Let’s get your job done.

Meet Dan Furman

Let’s meet Dan Furman, the guy who’s been writing excellent content for longer than he can remember. But how did he get here? What makes him tick? And did he really marry his wife a month after meeting her?

Meet My Customers (plus samples!)

I have clients of all sizes, across countless industries, everywhere. And the common denominator is they all have a successful, impactful mindset. Plus, they like good work.

Featured Blog - How to Write Evergreen Content for Awesome SEO

Good evergreen content is some of the most powerful SEO you can do. Because it works for years and years. Let’s discuss this.

“Know what makes you so valuable, Dan? You see the entire field.” 

Mark French, President

Crest Capital

So let me welcome you to my website. You’re probably here looking for a writer or marketing help. If that’s the case, you’re in luck. I’m a professional copywriter and business communications expert with 20+ years of helping companies succeed online and off.  Click what interests you, and go from there.

Or maybe you’re here because you know me, heard of me, clicked a link in an e-mail I sent, or however else you wind up places on the internet. That’s cool too. Let’s be friends. Unless you’re a jerk. Then let’s not – I have enough of those in my life. 

This website has a lot of writing, all over the place – on the top left, on the top right, in the center of the home page, a blog, lots of info pages, this little section you’re reading now… That’s on purpose. In my little slice of online real estate, I’m the writer and you’re the reader. So let me write you something to read. And if I can help you, let me know. 

Enjoy your day.