Frequently Asked Questions

What are your copywriting rates?

I like to quote your entire project, and the price depends on your needs and project complexity. That said, I hate the “let’s not tell them the cost” game as much as you do. However we end up working together, a good ballpark for my services is roughly $250 – $450/page or thereabouts. Prettymuch everything I work on makes money, so keep that in mind.

Note: we can work together any way you want. Some clients like hourly billing, some like full project pricing… whatever works. 

What size companies do you work for? And where?

Any size company is fine, anywhere in the world. To give an example, two of my clients are in the same town… one is the headquarters of a 100+ store chain that I’ve done tons of work for; the other is a small 5-person service company that I produce three to five pieces a year for. It’s all good.

What industries do you write for?

All of em’…

Really – I’ve written for everything from (deep breath)… manufacturing to marketing to real estate to insurance to financing and investing to in-home healthcare to fire safety to retail sales to IT services to construction to international medical equipment distributors to a guy selling “holy land dirt” from Israel… you get the idea.

Truthfully, I can write about nearly anything. It’s a matter of researching your industry and applying my writing-style and brain to your needs. I have experience across many industries, from sales to construction to retail to programming. I can swing a hammer, drive a forklift, sell ice to Eskimos, market stuff, and write code. This varied experience serves me well in writing.

I needed this yesterday – can you help?

Well, I’ve given up time traveling, so no, I can’t.

Ok, really – for rush jobs it depends on the project and the day. If it’s something small I might be able to take it on quick (and I might charge you a rush fee). But for most work please understand that I usually have several projects ahead of you. 

The best thing I can tell you is if you want your project done by a certain date, do not wait around – reach out to me and get on my schedule.

I already have something written – can you just touch it up?

Sure! Many times I can take what you already have, add a little “clear-writing magic” to it, and turn it into something that really works for you.

Do I need to pay a deposit? And do you take credit cards?

I collect 50% of the estimated total as a deposit. This is what gets you on my project calendar. For jobs $500 and under I require pre-payment in full. I take credit cards online so paying is easy. 

What “style” of writing do you do? Professional? Informal? You seem to do a little of both…

Good catch. My style is what I like to call “professionally casual” – it’s clear, it’s engaging, and it works very well. CEO’s love it, and readers love it. I’m professional enough for any company or any business situation, but I write in Plain English so everyone understands it. I’ve spent a morning writing a Pharmaceutical company’s website and then spent the afternoon writing a letter to the judge asking to keep cousin Jethro out of jail (yet again).

Ok, that was a joke (although I really did do that – it’s just his name wasn’t cousin Jethro).

Regarding my website – can you help me figure out what pages to have?

Yes I can. In fact, this is something I do really well (I even wrote a book about it). A great website flows well, is logical in scope, and encourages exploration. Tell me about your business and I’ll help you come up with a proper sitemap (keep in mind I’m not a web designer but I can answer the “what do we say and where/how do we say it” questions.)

Does Dan do all the writing?

Yep. I’m a one-man shop. You’re hiring me and me alone.

What if I don’t like what you write? Will you rewrite it?

Don’t like what I write? The horror!! That never happens!

Seriously though, editing and rewriting are sometimes a normal part of the writing process. Sometimes I need to explain what I was thinking, other times I may need to make a small change. 

Well, what I need is very important and I can see us “developing” the copy through several revisions. Will you do that?

Yes, I will. I actually enjoy doing this. We’ll talk about how to bill it.

Someone else said they’ll do my writing cheaper. Will you match their price?

No.  If you want me, you have to pay my rate. If you just want a lower price then hire whomever offered it to you.

But wait… if you give me a price break now, there will be lots of work later…

Hey, how are you? I wrote about you on the “Work I Don’t Do” page! Check it out – it’s near the bottom.

How long do you take to do a project?

Most projects take one to three weeks to complete. But some (like a website of hundreds of pages) could take months. And others might take one afternoon.

I like to say your project will be done when we are both happy with it.

Are there any subjects you won’t write about?

Not really. As long as what you want me to write is legal, I’ll probably do it.  However, I will draw the line at promoting hate or discrimination. This means I won’t be writing the KKK’s Christmas letter anytime soon.

Who owns the writing you do?

You do (once you pay for it). I may ask if I can use it as a sample.

Do you make websites or do graphic design?

No, I do not offer these services. But I know people who do, and will happily refer them.

That said, I do format my writing – this means all subheadings and bullet points are where I want them, and if I’m doing a brochure / website / etc, I do lay it out in MS Word, as it helps me write. But that’s a bonus – my real skill is words.

What hours do you work?

I’m usually available M-F normal business hours. I don’t work weekends or holidays.

This FAQ is awesome – can you make me one?

I think almost every sales or service website needs a FAQ. And I make great ones. Yes I can definitely do this for you.

We want to hire you full time – would you consider giving this up and joining our company?


Honestly, I like working for myself, and I like what I do. That said, it would be nice to be a part of something bigger. So if an interesting, well-compensated position came along, I could be interested. Here are the basics from my end:

  • I would work remotely (or hybrid), but I do require some professional autonomy. If you feel the need to monitor my computer use, we’re not a good fit. I will make sure I’m available, and you can count on me to get things done, but I’m not going to feel chained to my desk. I’m a professional, and need to be treated like one. 
  • Diversity in work. Of course I’d likely be doing some kind of writing and marketing, but you’d be smart to have me involved with some strategic planning / sales / customer service / etc.
  • If you’re near Raleigh, that’s a bonus (an office to pop in on once in awhile would be neat). If not, don’t sweat it – we’ll still talk.