Why Hire Dan?

Full Disclosure: I really can’t lift a car. And that’s not me anyway.

There are a lot of great reasons to hire me. Here are a few:

The Reason You Came Here.

Bottom line (right here at the top): I’m profitable. Or if the writing you need isn’t revenue-based, I’m going to make it do what you intended.

That’s my job, and I do it well.

I’m proud that almost everyone who hires me becomes a repeat customer. Sometimes in three weeks, sometimes in three years. The reason is simple: I did what they needed me to do, and it worked for them.

An Experienced Business Writer.

I’m a writer, but I’m also a business and marketing pro. This matters to my clients. 

I know what drives revenue, and I fully understand writing for target markets, conversion, and keeping an effective brand tone for your specific industry and identity. And I’m experienced in a TON of different industries too.

I’m not a part-time freelancer. I’ve been successful at this for 20+ years, and I speak your language.

Writing That Works. 

In a world with a billion cheap “I do gigs from Starbucks” writers, not to mention AI chatbots who will someday rule us all, having writing with real flair, tailored to your needs, is hard to find. Until now.

I can write in many voices: Professional or plain. Country or city. Millennial to Boomer. LinkedIn to TikTok. Long copy, short copy, headlines, articles, storytelling, direct response, SEO web copy, corporate writing… I do it all.

Besides writing to your audience,  I also write to engage. And that’s where the magic really happens.

If the writing scratches a little itch or piques a reader’s interest, they look harder at that “buy” or “learn more” button. Or get a positive feeling about what they are reading. That’s what you want from your business writing.

Hint: Business writing is usually selling something, even when it isn’t. An internal memo to employees is, at its heart, a sales letter. If they buy in, it worked. If they read it and roll their eyes, well, it kind of failed.

I help readers buy (in).

Much More Than a Writer

I have the ears of marketing heads and CEO’s. Why? Because I see and understand the bigger picture – the who and the why. That matters. My more successful long-term clients tend to involve me in their marketing and business strategy discussions. That’s partly why they’re successful.  

I “Get” Business and Marketing Tech

I dove right into AI, and have learned to prompt it quite well (there’s a serious art to that). I’ve also become an expert at making AI content human. So if you went to ChatGPT and produced something and are wondering “gee, should I have someone look at this?”, the answer is “yes”, and the someone is me. 

SEO writing? I’m excellent at it. Google loves me. Bing too. I don’t optimize my own site here because I’m a solopreneur and don’t want a ton of traffic. But if you are serious about ranking highly, then I’m serious about helping you get there.

In addition, I’m quite skilled in UI/UX (user interface / user experience). When you hire me to write copy, I will make sure it’s easy to read both visually and prose-wise. Often, the MS Word doc I deliver looks like I want the finished piece to look. I can also help with your website’s overall look and navigation – what goes where and why. This stuff is important. 

I May Not Agree With You (and That’s OK… It’s Even Good!) 

I’m not a starving freelancer who will write exactly what you tell me to write because you’re paying me. If I think I have a better way to present it, I’m going to tell you. I feel I owe you that. 

I also go a lot deeper than “just writing” and am an excellent guy to discuss ideas with. I’ve had clients pivot and change a service/pricing model because I had a better idea. And I’ve also taken money out of my own pocket by saying “no, that doesn’t make sense, and here’s why… let’s do something different.”

This is one of the best value-adds a writer can offer you. It’s also exceedingly rare. I’m a business pro, and we can talk shop. 

Honesty and Integrity (aka: 100% Original Writing).

It’s a big issue today: a budget writer or content service is hired for some SEO content. And instead of, you know, writing, they scour the web and copy an existing article, change a few things or run it through ChatGPT, and call it original. And they don’t realize that’s A) still plagiarism, and B) quite detectable (Google has AI too, you know.)  

That can cause, at best, embarrassment for a company, and at worst, real damage. If you’re caught with plagiarized material, it could cost you clients. It’s definitely not a good look. Plus, Google doesn’t like this at all, and will likely penalize your ranking, sabatoging your SEO efforts. 

You will never, ever worry about that here. Everything goes through me, period. Yes, I cost more, and I can’t have your piece ready tomorrow either. But you’re also buying an assurance that whatever I write is original, and yours alone.  

Easy to Work With.

Real simple: you tell me what you need, and I will quote you a price. Easy as that. 

This allows you to get professional copywriting and creative marketing work for a good, predictable price. Need a few sales emails and an internal memo? Great – contact me, and I’ll give you a total price. If you want to move forward, I’ll do the work, and you’ll be happy (and when was the last time you were happy about a business thing?) 

Then we say goodbye until you need me again. No contract, no muss, no fuss. People love it.