Three Rules of Mine:

Do what you said you’d do, do it well, and be honest.

Life is easier when you follow those.

 Meet Dan Furman

Thanks for stopping by. I always think a good “about” page can help set a website apart. I don’t trust companies who have a lousy about page. 

Ok, you came here to find out about me, so what can I tell you?

I’m a Gen X guy who writes for a living from his North Carolina home, helping companies of all sizes communicate better and make more money. The rest of this site details what I do, so I’ll talk more personal stuff here.

Let’s start at the beginning… (don’t worry, there won’t be too much kid stuff here).


That’s me, my brother, and my sister. Plus some nice, healthy 1970’s secondhand smoke!


I grew up in upstate NY, about 2 hours north of NYC. And I’ve been a “writer” since I can remember. I can’t explain it, but I was always able to write exceptionally well – it simply makes sense to me.

My first job was in my father’s iron shop. I ran these machines at 11. By Myself. Really.


Then I became an adult and entered the workforce.

Until my early 30’s, I had many interesting jobs. Blue collar, white collar, no collar, retail, sales, construction, IT/programming, management, entrepreneurship – you name it, I did it.

This varied background has served me very well. I was always a go-getter and a fast learner, so I was quickly invited into the inner circle and handed responsibility almost everywhere I landed. This allowed me to see up-close how different industries really worked.

My writing and creative marketing ability was also evident, and put to work everywhere: B2B, B2C, retail, professional service, hospitality, etc.

However, in all of these positions, I never really found my thing. Although I liked a bunch of them, nothing really fit. I’m also a real pain in the ass for bosses who like to micromanage. I know what I’m doing – leave me alone.

In 2001, I left my last “real job” as an e-commerce programmer for a large manufacturer and started working for myself. 

I began my self-employment journey by offering my e-commerce programming services on a young internet, and I made a pretty successful little four page website that converted nicely. Then in 2002 I made another crude website for some golf clubs I was thinking about making/selling, and that website worked pretty well too… people were reading every page. 

The lightbulb started coming on. Plus the e-commerce software that I was making a living on was getting phased out. I needed to branch out.

My professional activities quickly morphed into offering writing and marketing – I realized I was very good at engaging people with words, sales conversion, and the whole digital marketing thing. 

And 20+ years later, I’m still very good at it. Better in fact – as the web has evolved, so have I. This is what I was meant to do – write, market, communicate, and sell…  

Ok, enough career stuff. This is the “meet Dan” page, so let’s do more of that.

A Bit About Me Personally

If you’re an old friend or business associate, feel free to reach out and say hello. Heck, if you’re an old enemy (not that I had many of those), I’d like to hear from you as well.

And to the old micromanaging bosses I butted heads with… well, I hold no ill will. I hope you are enjoying your life, and that your career has worked out half as good as mine has!