Website Copywriting

It happens all the time – people go to a website, start reading, and…. click, they’re gone. The website didn’t interest them.

Every website out there has a purpose. For most companies, it’s their digital home base. Some may also sell products, others may sell services, and some just softly sell the company. But they all matter

Regardless of how long your website has been online, or how big or small it is, I can make sure it does exactly what you want it to do.



Let’s talk about your web copy…

Put bluntly, here in 2022, your website copy is everything

It’s the difference between a website that drives business, and one that does nothing.

It’s a vital component to your SEO efforts.

Finally, it’s a major part of your branding and how people view you. Your website is selling something even if it isn’t. 

If you’re looking for professional web copy, then you are in the right place. Because I specialize in clear, engaging Plain-English website copy that will really “speak” to your customer base, across all devices.

Bottom line: I’ll write you copy that gets across what you need to get across so your readers say “yes, this is what I was looking for” as they click, tap, or bookmark. 

THAT’S the secret. They came to your website for a reason. Let’s engage them, make them want to do business with you, and take action.

Oh, and while we’re at it, let’s also keep Uncle Google and Aunt Bing happy with good SEO keywording. 

This is why you want to hire a web copywriter (me specifically). It’s a tall order to really get your website working well. Fortunately, I’m good at it.

I write long pages and short ones. Punchy little blurbs and creative headlines. Pages with lots of components, and big white pages like this one. One common thread: people like reading what I write, across your entire website. That’s always good for business.     

Your web copy matters. Done well, it will pay off for years. It’s the #1 investment you can make in your company. 

I will write you fantastic web copy. I’ll also include an awesome meta description (important), and make sure it’s SEO-keyword-friendly too.

BONUS: UI / UX / Navigation

I’ve always said – give me a blank white page and 1,000 words, and I’ll sell anything.

However, your website works a LOT better when it’s not just a blank white page.

I am excellent at website navigation, and UI/UX (user interface, user experience). If you used a professional designer, you may already have this handled. If you used Mheghan (2 h’s please) who gigs from Starbucks, you may have nice colors, but your users may hate using the site.

I’ll be blunt – I am not a designer, nor am I a developer. I’m a professional writer with a logical mind who can easily “see” the best path through your site. If you need UI/UX help, I’ll see it, I’ll tell you, and with my help, we’ll get it fixed. Good?

And if you need help with navigation – what pages to have and the order they should be in, well, I do that too.


Other Digital Marketing

Besides your website, I handle all kinds of other writing for digital (or print) marketing. Things like:

  • Sales e-mails / drip campaign autoresponders
  • Landing pages
  • Downloadable PDF’s
  • Online product brochures and catalogs
  • Website case studies
  • Scripts for videos
  • Blog posts / articles for your site.
  • Outside articles for backlinks from high-authority sites (super-important for advanced SEO.)

and just about anything else you can think of. If you want people to read it and act, then I am the guy you want writing it.

Web Copy vs Web Content

Many people ask “what is the difference between web copy and web content”? Honestly, the phrases are often used interchangeably, but I’ll tell you how I view them:

Web copy / web copywriting is used on the “sales” or “face” pages of your website. The home page. The about page. The pages for your products and/or services. The FAQ, landing pages, and more… prettymuch any page that’s in the “main” navigation and will help someone decide to do business with you.

These pages sell your products and services, and also your company in a branding sense. And if you are serious about business, these pages need to read well, and be search-engine friendly.

Web content is everything else. The blog posts. Informational articles/PDF’s. White papers. Press releases. Articles posted on other websites, etc.

Web content is generally geared towards larger SEO and outside branding efforts (and they are vital for that). Instead of directly selling right now, web content often has a longer term evergreen quality to it. It builds upon itself, and both drives traffic to your website’s main pages, and also lets Google know you are not only in business and active, but you’re tops in your industry or area.

I write web copy that sells, and web content that does the job.


Any Size Business. Any Industry.

Your company can be brand new, 50 years old, B2B, B2C, entrepreneurial, small business, or international corporate – I work with them all. It also doesn’t matter what your industry is: Healthcare, Technology, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Consulting, a Daycare, Finance, or even Bolivian Yak Training.  Can yaks really be trained?

The simple fact is the web works the same way for most sales and service companies – people look at your site, and decide if they want to use you. If the web copy catches their interest they will read more, and your chance at a conversion skyrockets.  

That’s how websites work. Let’s make yours work.