Copywriting by the Project

Whatever you need, give me the details, and I’ll give you a quote. Simple as that.

All I ask is you take note of my ballpark pricing and timeframes below. If they work for you, go ahead and reach out to me. And if they don’t, that’s fine. Maybe another time.

I’ll present the rest of this page in a FAQ style. That seems easiest.

Slacker Kyle owes me dinner.   

What Kind Of Work Can I Hire You For?

Goodness, almost anything. Web copy, any kind of written marketing, letters (biz or personal), emails, landing pages, press releases, process instructions, corporate memos, proposals, PowerPoint presentations… you name it, I write it. I go into pretty good detail about what I do on the rest of this website.  

Big Question: What Are Your Rates, Dan? 

I like to quote your entire project, and the price depends on your needs and project complexity. That said, I hate the “let’s not tell them the cost” game as much as you do, so I’ll say up front I’m not a “cheap” copywriter. Most projects will run $250/page or thereabouts. Prettymuch everything I work on makes money, so keep that in mind.

What Is Your Normal Timeframe?

Probably not this week. You can ask, though.

After that, it depends on what you need. Short projects can usually be done quickly. Larger projects take more time.

But for most projects, that’s fine. Just plan ahead a little, and don’t be all “oh @#$%, web copy” two days before launch.

Good work takes time. And I usually have ample work lined up. I do try and give preference to returning clients, and monthly clients get my best attention.

Can You Write AS Me? In Other Words, I Have a Very Important Letter I Wrote and I Need it Fixed.

Yup, I do this all the time. I call it “executive ghostwriting”. And nobody will ever know except you and I.

How Does Your Process Work?

Easy. Reach out to me, tell me what you need, and I’ll get you a price and a timeframe. If agreeable, you pay a deposit (50%, or for projects $500 and under, full prepay), and then we usually schedule a call (or exchange emails) to go over the details. I do the work, you’ll like it/pay the balance, and we part friends (and having an excellent writer as a friend is good!)

What If I Don’t Like What You Do?

You will. If you don’t, I may need to make a small change (or convince you why I wrote the way I did). But you’ll be happy. Over the last decade, I can count dissatisfied customers on one hand.