Letter Writing 

I LOVE writing letters, and am quite skilled at it. 

I write letters for all kinds of situations. General business letters, prospecting letters, sales letters, executive communication and memos, letters from one CEO to another, and prettymuch everything in-between. 

A good letter can be quite impactful – my letters have saved huge accounts for corporations, helped get students into prestigious universities, assisted people with legal immigration, and I even made the US Government change their mind and overturn a trademark denial for a client. And a million other things.

Read on for more.

I write letters that look like letters, whether you are sending them via e-mail or the old-fashioned paper-in-envelope method. Despite the picture above, I do not suggest the paper airplane method. All that gets you is detention. I speak from experience. 

Business Letter Writing

There are times when thoughts need to be expressed in writing. A quick text or e-mail will not do.

If it’s important enough for a letter, then it’s probably important enough to do right. And I do business letters right. I have experience at all levels of professional business communication and I understand how to convey thoughts clearly, logically, and (if necessary) persuasively.

There’s an art to a good business letter. It has to be engaging (after all, you want the entire thing read), and it needs to be confident. Even an apology letter needs confidence.

But it also cannot be boring, and definitely cannot be stuffy. And this is where a lot of people run into problems when writing a business letter – they “try” to sound “professional”, and it simply doesn’t work.

Pro tip: Forget what we were taught in school – you were writing for a grade then. In the real world, you are writing for a result. Big difference. For example, unless it’s a legal document, you need not indent – it’s distracting (and you really don’t need to indent legal docs either, but try telling a lawyer that!)

Regardless of the reason, I’ll write you an effective business letter you’ll be proud to put your name on. Business letters will typically run $250 – $450, and are worth every penny.

Personal Letter Writing

As far as personal letters, they aren’t much different than business letters, as the general tone remains the same (clear, engaging, logical, persuasive if needs be). The situations could be different though.

I have written countless college application letters and legal immigration letters, as well as personal statements for a variety of reasons. I’ve helped people get into Oxford, Harvard, Penn, Stanford, MIT, residencies at Sloan Kettering, to name a few.

Note: I’m not saying my words alone do the trick, but competition is so fierce for these openings that all else being equal, the personal essay is something that can make a difference.

I’ve also played Cyrano de Bergerac and written the “I’m sorry please take me back” letters and similar. And I’ve written letters to the judge expressing remorse, and just about every other situation you can imagine.

Like business letters, most personal letters run $250 – $450. And again, they’re worth every penny.