Monthly Copywriting and Marketing


For select companies, I offer a flat-fee monthly writing and marketing service that will enhance your sales, branding, and SEO efforts both today and for years to come.

Many growing companies need what I do on an ongoing basis… however, they are in an odd place. They are too successful for an ever-changing gang of “I do gigs from Starbucks” freelance writers, but also don’t quite need a full-time 100k+benefits writer on staff either. I offer the best of both worlds.

This is an exclusive service, with a limited number of openings (less than 5 at any given time). I’ll get into more details and pricing later in this page, but first let me discuss what I do for my monthly clients:

Your Website

For my monthly clients, their website(s) are already an important part of their business. And I make them better. Better web copy, better conversion, and, through continual blog posts and articles, better information/SEO that can pay off for years. I’ve written articles ten years ago that still draw thousands of visits a month in 2022.

Marketing and Sales

I write countless sales pieces, e-mails, PDF’s, and more. Creative names, headlines and descriptions, phone/video scripts… you get the idea. In addition, I can create on my own. If you have a solid company, we’ll get results.


Tech-Writing / Internal Communication

Besides the whole creative part, I’m also very logical and write clear, easy-to-read process instructions, manuals, handbooks, and similar. Plus internal writing, such as memos, bulletins, the company New Year’s letter, etc.


You Get Me Too

Are you one of those company presidents who still handles most of the marketing? Great – I’m your perfect complement. Or do you have a marketing head? Then he or she will love having access to me. I’ll make everything you want to do better, and am a great guy to have on your side.

Let’s Talk Details


Here’s what you get when you’re a monthly client:

15 Hours of Work/Month: Generally, we’ll have a few projects going, and I also like a little autonomous time to develop work on my own for you too. We’ll work out what you need, but you will get 15 hours of writing / marketing / consulting work.

Preferred Availability: Need an important correspondence in a  day or two? I can generally do that. You get the best availability I can offer. You will also know beforehand when I’ll be away.

Exclusivity: While we’re engaged, I will not work for anyone else in your specific industry, either monthly or by the project.

Freedom: This is open-ended, with no contract. All I require is a month’s notice to end our engagement (so whenever you say “Dan, we’re done”, then next month will be our last month). Listen, I want my work to be what keeps us together, not legalese buried in the fine print.

Me: I already mentioned this above, but it’s worth repeating. You’re deep into my site now, which isn’t very common. Ask yourself – is this someone who can help us?

A Rule or Three


I like working for people who are proud of their company, and aren’t cheap. Professionals who are reasoned, thoughtful, and patient. I like people who enjoy working, but who also take time off and enjoy their personal life and family.

We’re going to collaborate, and I’m going to be valuable to you. But I do ask if you engage with me, that we give it at least six months. You cannot judge work like this in less time than that.


Ok, How Much?


That’s $36k a year.

What can you realistically hire for $36k? Seriously, think on that.

If you are interested, reach out to me on my quote page and ask if I have an opening (like I said, I only keep a few of these). And if I do, I’m going to make sure I feel good about you too. We’ll interview each other – that work for you?