Copywriting Samples

Hey, welcome to my resume samples page. I set this page up to be semi-private (it’s not in the site’s navigation), so if you want to save it / come back to it, bookmark it (or just use the URL on the resume).

On this page I’ll get into some specific clients and work I’ve done for them to give you a good example of my capabilities. I’ll include some info about each as well. Note – all links open a new window.


Industry: Equipment Finance.  

  • Write and update copy for entire website (500+ pages, including online directory, articles for executives, and The Lease Guy blog.)
  • Communicate with and pitch/write bylined articles for trade publications (extremely strong SEO for Crest). Was given a company email and title for communication purposes. Sample 1. Sample 2. Sample 3.
  • Handle all internal content such as process instructions for data entry, sales scripts for reps, internal memos, and corporate communication. Obviously, I cannot post this stuff. 
  • Regularly consult with the CEO on marketing strategy. Crest is the #1 ranked equipment finance company in the US. I’ve been with them steadily since 2007.
  • Help conceptualize and completely wrote stealth marketing site which is the #1 ranked Section 179 website online.

MEDIA FORCE  ( Holon, Israel.

Industry: Direct Response Sales / Native Marketing / AdTech

For this company, I write direct response ads and advertorials for consumer products and services. The ads appear on websites like, the weather channel, and every sidebar on almost every page you visit!

Here are a few advertorial examples (note: I write these under various pseudonyms, mostly Dave Freeman and Audrey Beck.) I also handle the general layout for these.) Here are a few:


  • Fitnus Brace – Writing as a retired man with bad knees (I love the blue pill line!) This advertorial has been the control piece for several years now (as are the rest of these)
  • SafeAlarm – Writing as a woman (with grandmother quotes!) 
  • Car Insurance Aggregator – Short piece meant to drive visits to insurance comparison service. This short, quick page has resulted in millions of dollars in revenue. 
  • Security Camera – Sales shot way up when I rewrote and redesigned this. 


Industry: Training, Consulting, Sales

I handle all of Ashley’s “big and important” copywriting for her events, sales pieces, and main website.

  • Homepage / Company Rebrand – Ashley needed a rebrand when she became much more than just “speaker” training. I came up with the “revenue matching your expertise” and “book more, sell more… etc” angle, and went from there, rewriting her website. It’s doing great.
  • Event pages – The events are her biggest things, and I write the copy for them. The Annual SYWTC Live event, and the Black Women Sales Summit



Industry: Mobile Tours / Mobile Marketing for some of the world’s largest brands.

Larry Borden reached out to me a dozen years ago when he had an idea to start his own agency. I’ve been writing for him ever since, and his agency (aardvark mobile tours) has grown into an industry leader, and works with some the largest brands on the planet. I write a ton of marking and sales collateral for them, and of course, the website. The case studies give me an opportunity to get clever with brands.

Wrapping up: That’s a pretty good range of samples. I hope you get a sense of work I’ve done and the versatility I offer. I realize I can’t include every industry here, but some notables that I’m leaving out include health, technology, manufacturing, transportation, and entertainment.

Final note: This website itself is my very best sample. Due to it capturing the people I want it to capture, I have stayed relevant and competitive in an industry absolutely littered with lower cost alternatives. 

Final note (x2): One other thing that is missing from samples is Social Media. Most of my clients do not wish a full-time social media person (and it’s kind of a constant engagement thing). That said, I am skilled at social media and online communication, going all the way back to the BBS days. Although I admit I use it much more for entertainment than business (e.g., I don’t really engage  on LinkedIn, preferring my personal Facebook feed and message forums).