Articles and Content Marketing

There’s no way around it – content is (still) king.

If you want to be a thought leader, both in the eyes of humans and search engines, you need outside articles. 

You particularly need them in trade publications for your industry (there are dozens) and beyond.

But publications both large and small don’t want any old content. It has to be original. It has to be engaging. It has to have value. And in the age of AI, they are watching like hawks for garbage content.

I can write you good content for publishing in trade publications, under your name. This is powerful marketing for you and your company.


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Article and Content Writing FAQ 

So How Does This Work, Dan?

You hire me. We’ll discuss what would make for a good article, and I’ll write it for you. Then you (or someone on your end) shops it around. Or, even better, you already have a place to publish something by you or your company. How about the trade publications you read? Many would welcome good content from you.

Who Gets the Byline?

You, or anyone at your company you want. That’s how you become a thought leader.

Who Finds These Publications and Contacts the Editors? Can You Do That?

No, I don’t offer this. Editors generally like to talk to the person who will be credited on the article. However, I can write you a nice form email to send to them, and also advise you/your people how to successfully do this.


Ok, How Much Will This Cost?

Articles that are worthy of being published in trade publications take a bit to write. So $1,000 or so for a 500-800 word article. Maybe more, depending on the industry and topic. Never less. 

But for an executive to have a bylined article in a respected industry publication? That’s big. For you and your company both. And it lasts for years. Trust me, people will still find and read that article in 2030. 

It’s worth it.