If you notice, my posts don’t have dates. There are a few reasons for this:

1 – While I update this blog often, I am not going to have hundreds of posts here, and sometimes I won’t be consistent in updating. Putting dates on posts, and then not updating for awhile, is a bad look. Check your own website – if you have a blog or “recent news” or such, and the last entry is 2020, that’s a problem. That tells people you don’t keep up. 

2 – Internet years are faster than dog years (which, sadly, are waaay too fast). When I see info online with a “2019” date on it (etc.), I immediately knock it down a peg or three in my mind. You do it too. It’s ok, that’s just how the internet works.

3 – I’m not really posting anything timely here. I’m much more a big picture guy than keying on the latest and greatest online marketing whizbang (because it’s usually not that great. Remember keyword stuffing? Or “one-page” websites? Yea, that worked well…)

4 – It’s just cleaner. To my eyes, anyway. 

This isn’t an advice type post (well, except for telling you that if you DO have dated stuff that you keep it current) – it’s just how I like doing it. Carry on.