E-mail and Letter Writing

I LOVE writing emails and letters. I am skilled at both, and over the years have made clients trainloads of money via emails and autoresponders.

I’ve also saved huge accounts for corporations, helped get students into prestigious universities, and even made the US Government change their mind and overturn a trademark denial for a client.

If you need letters or emails, I’m your guy. Read on for more.

Hey look, a picture that represents both email and letters! Plus paper airplanes, which I admit I was quite good at as a young boy, much to the teacher’s annoyance. 

E-mails and Autoresponders

There’s no real secret to good emails and autoresponders. Basically you need to interest the reader with a good subject line, and then engage them.

That said, it’s harder than I make it appear. Because in the end, almost all email is selling something. You know it, and they know it. And they are bombarded with sales messages via email every single day. Standing out, without being annoying, is an art.

I will write you excellent emails that your audience will enjoy reading.

A few email rules I suggest:

1) Have a good list. Ideally, your past customers and/or opt-ins. These people are easier to engage. Over time, I’ll turn your past customers into raving fans.

2) Don’t be annoying and send too often (2x/week at most, but usually less). And don’t make every email “hurry, time is running out…” There’s only so many times you can say that.

3) Sometimes email doesn’t require an action. Creating a good thought or impression is quite strong too. I find it best to mix up sales/non-sales – it makes the eventual sales message stronger.

Note: I write the emails and subject lines. However, I do not work with your lists or the sending platforms. I’m a writer – if it requires a login, someone on your end has to handle it.


I write incredibly good, engaging, and persuasive letters.

I have written letters for almost every conceivable reason, both business and personal. Like I mentioned in the introduction to this page, I’ve saved client accounts, and I even made the US Government actually change their mind and do something.  I’ll write you an effective letter you’ll be proud to put your name on.

As far as personal letters, I have written them for many reasons, chief amongst them college application letters and legal immigration letters, as well as personal statements for a variety of reasons. I’ve helped people get into Oxford, Harvard, Penn, Stanford, MIT, residencies at Sloan Kettering, to name a few.

Note: I’m not saying my words alone do the trick, but competition is so fierce for these openings that all else being equal, the essay is one thing that can make a difference.